Kubrick Friday Live: ROM

有感而發,第一首作品"London is falling down…"是寫於2005年7月倫敦大爆炸後。
ROM是電腦名詞唯讀記憶體的意思,希望每個演出都能帶給觀眾難忘體驗。 有主音Patrick(鄺柏廉),鍵盤 / 小提琴Janet(翁瑋盈),鍵盤 Alan(黃艾倫)及填詞人 Yito(郭薾多)。

2005年開始公開演出,除了ROM自家原創,也演唱 Janet / Alan寫給流行歌手們的歌曲。  他們亦為不同媒體創作音樂,如電影 “公主復仇記" / “AV" 等… ; 舞台劇 “再見不再見" / “29+1″ / “萬世歌王" 等…

ROM: http://www.milkshakemusic.com.hk/

ROM inspired by London Bomb Attack in July, 2005 and releases their debut song “London is falling down”. ‘ROM’ stands for a class of storage used in computer – Room-Only Memory, which they hope their every show will be an unforgettable one. With lead vocals Patrick, keyboard player and violinist Janet, keyboard player Alan and lyricist Yito, ROM starts performing in 2005. Other than their own songs, they also perform pop songs that are written for other singers by Alan and Janet. Their music appear in movies like “Beyond Our Ken” and “AV” and stage plays like “Good-bye but goodbye”, “29+1” and “Singsingking”.


1.  命中註定

2.  TT

3.  准我

4.  公主遊魂記

5.  地震

6.  搬屋

7.  同一屋簷下

8.  茶果舞

9.  眼紅

10. 廿一克

11. 部落民族

12. 優伶的心事

13. Everytime we say goodbye



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